Buch   Course description
Intermediate level of German B2

Course duration: 200 lessons (one lesson = 45 min)

Course times: Monday to Friday,  mornings:    09:00 - 12:15  or afternoons:   12:45 - 16:00      

Course location: the courses usually take place in the IBZ Essen

Course fee: 499,- Euro

The Intermediate B2 includes 200 teaching units thereof 15 hours of conversational practice. The condition for participation in the course Intermediate B2 is the presence of B1 certificate with 650 hours of study German as a foreign language. A placement test for this level is mandatory for all external participants.
The aim of the course is to provide a superior everyday language and the introduction to the language of science.
Training materials are selected for the successful practice and improvement such forms of language as understanding heard, speaking, reading, writing. In addition students will have various techniques for language learning.
Each week during the course will be made a test for the language skills of students to check grammar, listening and reading comprehension and text production. Thus the learning process will be monitored by the teacher and students together.
At the end of Intermediate B2 all students will be tested in the such areas of language skills as reading, grammar, comprehension heard the text and the production of the text. The successful passing the final exam at the end of the course allows the student to move up to the Advanced C1 or C1 + DSH preparation.

Used textbooks:
DSH & Studienvorbereitung – Vorbereitung auf ein Studium an einer deutschsprachigen Universität, Text– und Übungsbuch von Klaus Lodewick, Fabouda Verlag, ISBN 3-930861-40-2
(in bookstores)
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