IBZ Studienkolleg

Would you like to learn German and study in Germany? We make you fit!

IBZ Sprachschule und Studienkolleg is a private institute in Essen, NRW, Germany. Our aim is to prepare you linguistically and professionally for studying at universities and technical colleges in Germany. Our lecturers will accompany you during this time up to the final assessment exam (Feststellungsprüfung – FSP), which you will take at the end of your course at the district government. Once you have passed the FSP, you can apply for a place at university in Germany.

Our qualified employees, who also speak your native language (English, Chinese, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Korean), are happy to help and support you.

We offer the following courses:

German intensive courses M course T course W course
German courses convey the German language in a pleasant way.

  • Language levels A1 to C1. Attending the preparatory college requires at least B2
  • Each level lasts approximately 7 weeks (approximately 180 45 minute lessons)
  • All language courses are also offered without attending the Studienkolleg
The M course prepares you for studying medicine, biology or pharmacy.

  • Optimal preparation for studying medicine
  • Preparation for studying chemistry, pharmacy, biology, etc.
  • The subjects are German, biology, physics and chemistry
  • A regular M course continues 12 months
The T course prepares you for studying mathematics, science or technology.

  • Mechanical engineering, computer science, architecture, electrical engineering, etc.
  • The subjects are German, mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • A regular T course continues 12 months
The W course prepares you to study economics or social sciences.

  • Business and economics, sociology or political science and law, etc.
  • The subjects are German, mathematics, economics and English
  • A regular W course continues 12 months

Application documents

  • Secondary school leaving certificate (Higher Secondary Education, Ijazah, Baccalaureat, Lise Diplomasi, Maturität usw.)
  • The translations of the school reports in English or German
  • Proof of German language skills (If you do not have at least B2 German, you can attend levels A1, A2, B1 and B2 at the IBZ Essen)
  • Passport copy and CV

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