Elementary 2 (A2)

Course duration:      180 lessons (one lesson = 45 min)

Course times:           Monday to Friday;  mornings:    09:00 – 13:00  or afternoons:   13:30 – 17:00      

Course location:       Kettwigerstr. 20, 45127 Essen

Maximum (online):   15 participants

Course fee:                 549 €

Course description:
The Elementary 2 (A2) includes 180 lessons thereof 15 lessons of conversation practice.
The condition for participation in the course Elementary 2 (A2) is the presence of Elementary 1 (A1) certificate with min 180 lessons of study German as a foreign language.
A placement test for this level is mandatory for external participants.
Elementary 2 (A2) develops language skills of students which they acquired at the previous level.
On the one hand it develops the skills and trains the relevant grammatical structures appropriate to this level, on the other hand, this intensive course teaches such forms of language as listening, reading, writing and speaking to prepare students for the next level Intermediate 1 (B1).
Work is done with a textbook and workbook and with materials put together by the teacher.
An exam is held every week to check the progress in the different areas.
Passing the final exam at the end of the course entitles the students to participate in the Intermediate 1 (B1).

Textbooks used:
AKADEMIE Deutsch A2+ Intensivelehrwerk Band 2
AKADEMIE Deutsch A2+ Zusatzmaterial Band 2

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