B2-C1 Grammar course

Course start: 28.02.2022
Course end: 04.03.2022
Course times: Mon – Fri, 14:00 – 16:15
Course duration: 20 teaching units (one teaching unit 45 min)
Course fee: 150,- Euro
Course instructor: Ayda
Course location: Kettwigerstr. 20, 45127 Essen
Course book: “Exercise grammar for the intermediate level” (ISBN 3-922989-51-9)

Type of lesson: presence or online.

Registration: at the IBZ office / Online Registration …

Course description

Target of the course:
In the course you will improve your grammar skills and prepare yourself well for the DSH grammar.
Target group:
These special courses are suitable for German course students at the B2 or C1 level who feel the need to catch up.
Content of the course:
The grammar course for B2-C1 offers all grammar topics of B2-C1:

All passive constructions (Becoming-Passive, Being-Passive, Passive substitutes)
Conversions from liabilities to assets
Verbalisation and nominalisation of phrases
Left and right attribute (participle I, participle II, modal participle, relative clauses)
Indirect speech
DSH Grammar Examples
What the focus of your course will be is determined by the previous knowledge of the group. This will be determined by the teacher at the beginning of the course.

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