Advanced 1 (C1) + DSH-Preparation

Course duration:      250 lessons (one lesson = 45 min)

Course times:           Monday to Friday;     mornings:    09:00 – 13:00  or afternoons:   13:30 – 17:00      

Course location:       Kettwigerstr. 20, 45127 Essen

Course fee:                799, – €

Course description:
The Advanced 1 (C1) + DSH-Preparation includes 250 teaching units.
The condition for participation in the course is the presence of Intermediate 2 (B2) certificate with min 720 hours of study German as a foreign language.
A placement test for this level is mandatory for all external participants.
The aim of the preparatory course for the DSH-examination is that the students are at the end of the course in a position to pass the DSH exam successfully.

Textbooks used:
School script

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