Listening Course

Course start: 07.03.2022
Course end: 11.03.2022
Course times: Mon till Fri, 14:00 – 16:15
Course duration: 20 teaching units (one teaching unit 45 min)
Course instructor:
Course location: Kettwigerstr. 20, 45127 Essen

Type of lesson: presence or online.

Registration: at the IBZ office / Online Registration …

Listening course to improve listening comprehension & preparation for the oral DSH exam
Course description
In this course, from 18 May to 08 June, listening comprehension is practised and prepared for the oral DSH examination.
Listening comprehension is not only an important part of the DSH exam, but also serves primarily for communication. Listening skills must be constantly acquired and practiced, especially when it comes to the language exam at the university, for which students need certain working techniques.
For the oral DSH exam, strategies and conversational situations are learned and practiced.
Aim of the course:
The aim of the course is to practise listening comprehension through regular and intensive training and to learn how to note down key points, how to extract the most important information for the tasks from the text and how to write a summary of the listening comprehension etc.
target group:
The course is suitable for language students at level B2/C1 who would like to write the DSH in June 2020 but who have difficulties in listening comprehension or would like to improve their listening comprehension.
The method consists of intensive practice of DSH listening texts. In the 24 hours of the course the following parts are practised particularly intensively:
to act task-oriented
Key points to note down
write grammatically correct and clean sentences
to summarise listening texts in writing and also orally on occasion
add vocabulary lists.

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